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"There are as many nights as days, and the one
is just as long as the other in the year's course.
Even a happy life cannot be without the
measure of darkness, and the word 'happy'
would lose its meaning if it were not balanced
by sadness."

- Carl Jung 


Personal Balance

-By Dieter Pauwels

What can the rhythm and flow of a pendulum teach us about balance and personal growth ?
Everything in life happens in accordance with a certain rhythm. This rhythm is a constant movement between two opposites. In and out, up and down, back and forth, positive and negative, excess and deficiency, high and low, order and chaos, hope and despair, ignorance and understanding.

All things move from side to side. Just as the tide is not always high and the moon is not always full, your life follows an orderly cycle as well. When you feel down or things are not working out the way you want, don’t feel discouraged. Know that things will swing back and get better. They always do ! Accept the highs and lows in your life, always keeping in mind that things will change!

It is through this continuous movement that we can experience personal growth and balance. When you understand that everything in life follows a constant rhythm between two opposites you can better appreciate and fully enjoy all the stages in the cycle of life.

Within this cycle, there is a time and place for everything. There is a season to plant, a season to harvest and enjoy the fruits of your labor. When you reach a certain goal, there is a time to celebrate, to relax and recharge your batteries.

Remember that you cannot force that what you seek. Allow yourself to get back “in the swing” of things and follow your path of least resistance. Persist in those activities that come natural to you. Don’t swim against the tide. Go with the flow !

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"Patience is the companion of wisdom."


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