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Professional life coach, career and business consultants providing the resources, strategies, skills and personal life coaching programs aimed to achieve personal goals, business and career success.


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Professional Life Coach Dieter Pauwels joins KPLR11 TV News at Noon in St. Louis with a weekly segment on life coaching and career coaching strategies.

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What can the rhythm and flow of a pendulum teach us about balance and personal growth ?
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"Dieter has helped me greatly in starting my new business. Not only has he helped me define and then refine my focus, he has done this in a way that is always productive and forward thinking. Plus, he cares. I recommend his coaching to anyone that is contemplating a change.

Dieter is a true professional coach who challenges you to become better through accountability and strategic planning. He is genuine in his goal to make you a better person professionally and personally.

The skills I have acquired in both my personal and professional life have been absolutely invaluable. Dieter began coaching me through my last year of college, and continued to well into my professional career. He helped me find what it is that I am most passionate about in life, and the insight and skills to pursue it." (Ryan H.- St Louis)


Dieter Pauwels  joins Deepak Chopra, Mark Victor Hansen & Les Brown in "Success is a State of Mind" Building a Foundation for Your Future.


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Life coaching, business and career consulting services designed to empower and support you with the focus, learning, tools, feedback, strategies and accountability you want to achieve the resuls you want.

Welcome! We hope you will find whatever you came here to learn and discover. Perhaps you are looking for a a life coach or searching to find a life coach online and you are curious what a personal coach, an executive business coach or career coach is all about.

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  • Do you wonder how a coaching program can help you create the results and success you really want in your personal life, your career or your business?
  • Do you find yourself at a crossroads and you’re not sure which direction to go? Are you looking to create an action plan and strategy to keep you moving forward with confidence?
  • Are there certain things you know you’ve been avoiding, ignoring or postponing?  Are these thoughts on your mind, even only in the background, quietly eating away at your happiness, your success and sense of well being ?
  • Do you you feel frustrated and you want to stop making the same choices that will only get you more of the same? Are you sick and tired of choosing out of safety and fear? Do you want to identify and change the limiting beliefs and negative self talk that are preventing you from creating a lifestyle you really want?
  • Do you think that you don't have the inner strength, willpower or required skills to achieve your goals or to let go of a bad habit? Are fearful or procrastinate about taking action. Do you you want to regain control of your life of by removing fear and self doubt?
  • You feel stuck in a rut and it sucks.  Deep down you know there must be more or even a better way forward but you’re not sure what you want or you don’t believe it is possible for you to get or achieve what you want.  All you want is to move forward, be happier and experience greater personal fulfillment.
  • Do you feel overwhelmed, experience guilt or increased anxiety?  Are these negaitive emotions affecting your self-worth and self esteem? Do they continue to undermine your self confidence. Do you want to feel more confident, feel good again about yourself and create more certainty about your future?

If any of the descriptions above resonate with you, you've come to the right place. Our team of expert coaches is here to help you with the tools and strategies to create the results you want.


You already know that there is a need and tremendous benefit to having an outside support system  - like personal coaching - to provide you with a plan, tools, feedback, communication, cutting edge training, leadership and personal development to move you forward and get you where you want to go, with the people you love and doing work you enjoy.

Do you have a burning desire to improve yourself and increase your personal effectiveness? Do you have a need that is not yet fully satisfied? Maybe you’re facing a challenge in one or more of the following areas: Your career, health, emotional well-being, faith/belief, work/life balance, financial, personal growth, relationships or time management skills, communication skills, presentation skills or leadership skills.

So what is it that you came here to achieve, create, change or become?

Maybe you’d like to:

 Feel more confident and certain about your future
 Identify or find a new job or a more rewarding career
 Lose weight, improve your health or
reduce stress
 Increase your
self-confidence and build a healthier self-esteem
 Start or grow a business or achieve more small business success
 Become more
motivated, driven & inspired
 Create a better
work life balance and lifestyle
 Be happier and experience greater personal fulfillment 
 Learn new tools and strategies to enhance your
personal development
 Take control of by removing fear and self doubt
 Create more joy, enthusiasm, happiness and

 Increase the love, respect, and support in your relationships
  Unleash that creative potential you know you have
 Be a more skilled, elegant and influential communicator 
 Just let go of an old, unwanted habit
 Overcome personal barriers and reduce conflict 
 Improve decision-making skills, leadership skills or time management skills

Often we get stuck living our lives constantly looking back through our rearview mirror. 

Past experiences, previous failures, missed opportunities, limited self beliefs and assumptions start to control our thinking process, our behavior, and the results we create.  It somehow seems as if the past keeps reproducing in the present.


So what is personal life coaching?

"Life coaching creates the capacity for continuous improvement, development and success. A successful coaching relationship enables and supports you to make the best use of your own knowledge, insight, vision, creativity, awareness, determination, external resources and innate ability to learn and develop."

Coaching offers a way forward.

Personal coaching introduces and  supports new ways of learning, growing and changing, allowing you to make easy and lasting change.

Our coaching methods are built upon and draw from the latest personal achievement technologies and personal development coaching trends.

Professional coaching is an invitation to discover what is possible.

As a result of coaching you will be able to create more choices that will support your career, your health, and your professional and personal relationships.

When you accept the invitation of personal coaching, you are ready to start a unique journey of self-development and discovery where you'll set and reach higher goals, go for your dreams, change erroneous beliefs about yourself and make a significant difference for yourself and others.

Working with a lifecoach is the most powerful tool when you are committed to personal development and self improvement.

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. Ideas coupled with strong beliefs and action is what creates results.

Now is a good time for you to take action and create the results you want. To schedule a personal coaching introduction session, you can fill out our contact form online by clicking here.

Or you can E-mail us with any comments or questions you may have about our coaching for life programs, cost and services fees.

We would love to hear from you and will respond as quickly as we can.

To your success!

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Self Improvement  Abundance  Prosperity  Achievement  Addictions  Affirmations  Anger Management  Attraction  Dating  Divorce  Creativity  Empowerment  Goal Setting  Grief Loss  Happiness  Innovation  Inspirational  Leadership  Memory Training  Mind Development  Motivation  NLP Hypnosis  Parenting Personal Growth  Positive Attitude  Self Esteem  Spirituality  Stress Management  Success  Techniques  Time Management


Book Review

The Four Agreements
by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements Book Review

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" I had never heard of personal coaching before meeting Dieter and knew no one who had a personal coach. As Dieter walked down my path of self-discovery alongside me, it became obvious to me that everyone should have a  personal coach for his or her life. He helped me to re-discover myself by exploring different areas of my life, both personally and professionally. As I became aware of what was really important to me, what I truly valued, I was able to stretch my mind, to think outside my little box, so to speak, and stop limiting myself. He renewed my confidence in my abilities and self worth." (Caeli B.)

Daily Quotes
"If fear is cultivated it will become stronger, if faith is cultivated it will achieve mastery."

"Ambition is but avarice on stilts, and masked."

Do I need a life coach?

Life coaching? As if your life needs a coach?  I would be the first to admit that the term life coach is a pretty loaded term that might even sound a bit spacious and pretentious to some.  Perhaps personal development coaching is a better term for what personal coaching is all about. Increasingly people everywhere are starting to re-evaluate their life's direction and purpose.  People not only want a deeper sense of fulfillment, they also want to feel significant and regain control over their lives. 
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Personal life coaching, career coaching and executive coaching services are also offered over the phone or Skype in in all cities and metropolitan areas inluding but not limited to :

Our life coaches work with clients around the world, including but not limited to the following cities New York City (NYC), Los Angeles (CA), California, Chicago (CHI), Illinois, Houston, Phoenix, Arizona, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, Detroit

Choose from an expert team of accredited life coaches online in Michigan, San Jose, Indianapolis, Indiana, Jacksonville, Florida, San Francisco (SFO), Hempstead, Columbus, Ohio or Las Vegas

Personal life counseling includes a free coaching introduction conversation for Austin, Memphis, Tennessee, Baltimore, Maryland, Charlotte, North Carolina, Fort Worth, Milwaukee and Seattle WA

Certified coaching programs for leadership development in Wisconsin - Boston - El Paso - Washington dc- Nashville, Seattle, Washington, Denver, Colorado - personal wellness coach.

We offer a team of personal coaches to choose from to fit your personal needs and specific life situation in Nevada, Portland, Oregon, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Tucson, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Our life coaches offer well designed personal coaching programs to fit your specific needs, helping you to achieve the results you want in your personal and professional life. Atlanta, Georgia, Long Beach, Brookhaven, Fresno, New Orleans, Louisiana, Sacramento, Cleveland, Mesa, Kansas City, Missouri, Virginia Beach, Virginia, Omaha.

Whether you're searching for life coach for women or want to improve your life style, our programs help you create compelling goals and assist you with the tools, resources and strategies to achieve your personal, career and business  goals,Omaha, Nebraska, Oakland, Miami, Tulsa,  Honolulu, Hawaii, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Colorado Springs, personal business coach, Arlington, Wichita, St Louis mo, find a life coach, Raleigh, North Carolina, South Carolina, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Cincinnati, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Toledo, Aurora, Oyster Bay, Bakersfield, Riverside, Stockton, Corpus Christi, Buffalo, Newark, New Jersey, St. Paul, Anchorage, Alaska, Lexington,  Fayette, Louisville ky, Plano, St. Petersburg.

Online Life Coach for Self Improvement and Career development in Fort Wayne, Glendale, Lincoln, Jersey City, Greensboro, Norfolk Virginia, Chandler, Henderson, Birmingham, Scottsdale, Madison, Baton Rouge, North Hempstead, Chesapeake, Garland, Orlando, Lubbock, Chula Vista, Akron,  Rochester, Winston Salem, Durham NC, Reno NV.

Connect with us on our social media sites and visit the Life Coach and Business Coaching strategies site on Facebook.

People choose to engage in a coaching relationship for many different reasons.

  • You’d like to become more positive and creative and take more initiatives.
  • You have a difficult time accepting things as they are and feel others or outside circumstances are to blame for your situation
  • You don’t believe you have the ability to learn new skills or develop new competencies.
  • You want to develop better boundaries so that you are not taken advantage of, or disrespected by others.
  • You want to show more compassion towards other people and develop more patience.
  • You think you already know what to do, but you can’t seem to commit yourself of doing what you know you should.
  • You would like to develop a bigger vision for your personal life.
  • You need to better identify your daily stressors so you can feel more relaxed and be more effective at work and at home.
  • You sometimes feel like everything is a struggle and you’d like your life to be more effortless.
  • You always feel like you want more and it’s never enough and you would like to become more grateful.
  • You’d like to become more positive and creative and take more initiatives.
Schedule a complementary coaching session today,

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