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Creating Work That Matters

Career coach Dieter Pauwels talks strategy for making it happen.

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"I can honestly say that working with Dieter has been one of the most inspiring periods in my life.  Dieter not only helped me to figure out my next steps step with regard to my career move, but he truly helped me define who I am and for that, I could not be more grateful.  The life and career lessons that he taught me traveled deep to the core of who I am.  With Dieter's help, I was able to discover the true fire that burns from within and then correlate that to my career move.  All in all, for the first time in my life, I feel like an true to myself and am now ready to move on with my life.  No longer do I feel lost.  In addition to that, I've learned how to truly let fear not get the best of me.  I am thankful for Dieter.  His wisdom, insight, guidance, and understanding are unparalleled.  I must admit, at first I was a little hesitant as to what this experience would actually encompass but during the first call, that uncertainty vanished rather quickly.  I would recommend Dieter to anyone is wanting to truly live a fulfilled life both personally and professionally.  Your time is now!" (Kenisha)

"I was so stuck in my situation-in my work and in my relationship. I was afraid to make any decisions because I thought I would make the wrong ones. Dieter helped me uncover what was really important to me, and how I could really get what I wanted in a very short period of time. I have taken steps to move forward, and have made some big life changes. Dieter gave me the courage to progress in my life in a positive way." (Kate)






A career coach specializes in counseling people find the right career path moving forward, change or navigate the transition between careers and find a better work-life balance.

Whether you are considering a career or job change, just starting out in your career, looking for more satisfaction in your work, or wanting some help, guidance  and career advice to accelerate or advance your existing career path for maximum success, working with a personal career coach or consultant can put you on the right track.

Consider the following statements:

  • I feel trapped in my current job, and I'm just going through the motions
  • I sometimes feel stressed, unhappy, unsatisfied or unappreciated
  • I don’t feel intellectually stimulated, and I'm not using my abilities and talents
  • I'm not having fun at work
  • I feel that Im a different person at work than in my personal life
  • My companys values and/ or my manager’s values are not aligned with my own core values
  • I have a strong yearning or calling toward a new mission, a different path, a new career
  • I basically look at my job as a means to an end, making money is my top priority
  • I can’t wait to get away from my job for a couple of days
  • I feel that there is something missing from the work I do, and therefore it is missing from my life; my work is not aligned with my purpose in life.

Do any of the above statements resonate with you?

The first step is determining whether your career choice enhances your life or limits personal growth. Because while a personal coach may push people to find time and energy away from work, isn’t one of the best solutions to have work that can permeate every aspect of your life without hindering it? Your professional life can and should become a means of fulfillment.

This is the type of mindset you want to have when considering the services of a career coach. A career transition should not limit your life; it should enhance it. For driven individuals, consulting is a way to step back and look at the interaction between their work and personal life, to define if they can exist in greater harmony. A career counselor sits down with you to discuss options and plans for moving you forward. Consider that we spend about 65% of our lives in work related activities, wouldnt it make sense to find a meaningful career you like and enjoy?

Whether you are a recent college grad, or you are going through a career change, trying to adapt to a new leadership role, looking for that dream job, or simply looking for more balance between personal life and your career, consulting services can be tailored to your needs. We will look at how your work affects your personal life and collaborate with you to determine long-term plans and life goals.

A life and career coach will never take the reins from you but rather will point the way. This is an interactive process. An executive life coach eases transitions by handing over tools, resources and strategies you can use for optimal living.

Career coach consultations are meant to open up avenues for already driven and ambitious people to reach the peak of their potential.

Are you ready to love what you do? Are you ready to take your career to the next level?

Now is a good time for you to take action and create the results you want. Schedule a no obligation personal career strategy session so we can discuss how career planning can open up new possibilities. Every successful person needs a team. Build your team, starting with an experienced life career coach. Career success is well within your reach once you start making choices.


Dieter Pauwels

  • Founder Dieter Pauwels International
  • Career Consultant
  • Professional Life Success Coach
  • Next Level Business Strategist
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"Dieter has helped me greatly in starting my new business. Not only has he helped me define and then refine my focus, he has done this in a way that is always productive and forward thinking. Plus, he cares. I recommend his coaching to anyone that is contemplating a change.

My coach relationship with Dieter is one of the most important relationships in my professional life. He is a true professional coach who challenges you to become better through accountability and strategic planning. He is genuine in his goal to make you a better person professionally and personally.

The skills I have acquired in both my personal and professional life have been absolutely invaluable. Dieter began working wit me through my last year of college, and continued to well into my professional career. He helped me find what it is that I am most passionate about in life, and the insight and skills to pursue it." (Ryan H.)

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