"Every successful accomplishment starts with
a decision
and a commitment to yourself."

- Dieter Pauwels


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In the modern world, it is common for people to withdraw into themselves as they strive for independence and self-sufficiency. Having a place to voice your concerns taps into a human’s social needs, but life coaching is more than that - it’s a way to bridge the gap between our focused lives and the latest discoveries about human motivation, personal development psychology and the dynamics of a satisfying life. 

But life coaching is still a fairly unregulated industry, and the downside to this is that clients often may worry about finding a personal coach they can trust to keep their best interests in mind. This is where the International Coaching Federation steps in.

This organization links life coaches from the globe together and holds them to a higher standard by using an accountable certification program. Applicants must adhere to a solid code of ethics, undergo additional training, and work with a coaching mentor. In addition, to be an ICF certified personal coach a professional must have a certain amount of experience working in the field.

When doing your research online, a life coach selection can be an intimidating process because you have no idea who you are working with. This is why it is important to choose a certified professional life coach. This ensures your time and money is directly contributing to life quality.

Life coaching from an expert in behavioral science and life management can help in many of life’s struggles and challenges:

  • Finding a balance between our career and personal life.
  • Developing confidence.
  • Securing the future with effective goal-setting.
  • Advancing your career or business.
  • Renewing and maintaining passion in your love life.
  • Tapping into your creative potential.
  • Breaking old habits that hold you down.

There is really no limit to what personal coaching can cover because there is no limit to the complexity of your life. Have you limited your thinking as it applies to that complexity? If so, it is time to break through the walls you have built yourself and reclaim the richness of life. 

The first step is decision. One you’ve made your decisions about what you want out of life, about how much balance and growth means to you, it is time to embrace that action. Because even if decision is the root of change, not acting on your choice gets you nowhere. 

Make sure your applied action is as effective as it can be by employing the help of a properly trained coach, because your sessions should be positive experiences that expand your life, not another time-waster.

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Dieter Pauwels

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  • Founder Dieter Pauwels International
  • Professional Sales Coach
  • Next Level Business Strategist
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"If fear is cultivated it will become stronger, if faith is cultivated it will achieve mastery."


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All coaching programs are available in person or via the phone. Over the phone coaching is offered in all major cities and metropolitan areas including :

New York City

Los Angeles




Houston TX

Phoenix az


Philadelphia PA


San Antonio TX

San Diego CA

Dallas tx

Detroit MI


San Jose ca

Indianapolis IN


Jacksonville FL


New York

San Francisco

Hempstead nj

Columbus OH

St louis


Austin TX

Memphis TN


Baltimore Maryland

Charlotte NC

North Carolina

Fort Worth tx

Milwaukee WI


Boston MA

El Paso TX

Washington DC

Nashville TN

Seattle WA


Denver co


Las Vegas NV


Portland OR


Oklahoma City OK


Tucson AZ

Albuquerque NM

New Mexico

Atlanta GA


Long Beach ca


Fresno ca

New Orleans la


Sacramento ca

Cleveland oh

Mesa AZ

Kansas City MO


st louis mo

Virginia Beach VA


Omaha NE


Oakland ca

Miami FL

Tulsa OK

Honolulu HI


Minneapolis MN


Colorado Springs co

Arlington TX

Wichita KS


St. Louis mo

Raleigh NC

North Carolina

South Carolina

Santa Ana ca

Anaheim ca

Cincinnati OH

Tampa FL

Pittsburgh PA

Toledo OH

Aurora CO

Oyster Bay NY

Bakersfield CA

Riverside CA

Stockton CA

Corpus Christi TX

Buffalo NY

Newark NJ

New Jersey

St. Paul MN 




Fayette  KY


Plano TX

St. Petersburg FL

Fort Wayne

Glendale AZ

Lincoln NE

Jersey City NJ

Greensboro NC

Norfolk Virginia

Chandler AZ

Henderson NV 

Birmingham AL

Scottsdale AZ

Madison WI

Baton Rouge LA

North Hempstead nj

Chesapeake VA

Garland TX

Orlando FL


Lubbock TX

Chula Vista CA

Akron oh

Rochester NY

Winston-Salem NC

Durham NC

Reno nv

Dieter Pauwels is a certified life coach offering life coaching programs for personal and professional success and achievement. All personal coaching programs are offered in person, over the phone or via Skype. Schedule a coaching instruction session today.

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