Career Move

"I can honestly say that working with Dieter has been one of the most inspiring periods in my life.  Dieter not only helped me to figure out my next steps step with regard to my career move, but he truly helped me define who I am and for that, I could not be more grateful.  The life and career lessons that he taught me traveled deep to the core of who I am.  With Dieter's help, I was able to discover the true fire that burns from within and then correlate that to my career move.  All in all, for the first time in my life, I feel like an true to myself and am now ready to move on with my life.  No longer do I feel lost.  In addition to that, I've learned how to truly let fear not get the best of me.  I am thankful for Dieter.  His wisdom, insight, guidance, and understanding are unparalleled.  I must admit, at first I was a little hesitant as to what this experience would actually encompass but during the first call, that uncertainty vanished rather quickly.  I would recommend Dieter to anyone is wanting to truly live a fulfilled life both personally and professionally.  Your time is now!" (K.B.)


 "Dieter showed me how to let go of the past and my limiting beliefs so that I could move forward with a positive, expectant mindset. A success mindset. He also helped me to take a good look at myself so that I could discover my true gifts. If you're searching for an experienced personal development coach who truly cares about his clients, you'll find that in Dieter Pauwels" - C.B.

A New Direction

"My experience working with Dieter was very unique because I was all the way across the world in Hanoi, Vietnam throughout the entire coaching experience. Dieter was patient with the challenges that came with meeting my needs through Skype conversations that were frequently cut off due to difficult internet connections. When I first approached Dieter I was at a very low point in my life, feeling very insecure and a failure at most of my work due to dealing with an emotionally abusive boss. Through a few sessions with Dieter I was able to regain my confidence, remember my attributes and visualize what I wanted for the next step in my career. With the tools he offered me I overcame extreme hurdles and landed 3 job offers with highly reputable organizations. I am now thriving in a much more fulfilling role in Abuja, Nigeria. The amazing part was that the people who hired me actually adapted the post I applied for into exactly what I had visualized for myself when I first started working with Dieter. I continue to use the skills he gave me to establish and pursue of all my goals." - Sarah

Influence Others
Self Love Minimize

"Carmen, you are glowing!" "You seem so happy!"  "You're like a little butterfly!"  "You look absolutely beautiful!"  "What have you changed?"  These are some of the comments friends and family have made since I've started working with Dieter.  The truth is, I've changed nothing physically.  However, I have changed so much on the inside.  That type of change truly radiates out from within as a natural beauty, and is obvious to anyone who knows you.

Dieter started me down a path of self-love. This is not the reason I initially contacted him but he quickly assessed this as a far more important issue. He helped me to introduce self-love into my life in different ways.  Once I started loving myself, things in my life started changing for the better, naturally, and with almost divine-like ease. My relationships have improved, I have more friends, I feel an easier connection with people around me, I feel a happier connection with my body, my spirit, and my past.  With Dieter's guidance, I've had experiences that I never expected: sitting in a natural hot spring at midnight- watching a shooting star streak across the black sky above the Pacific Ocean; experiencing the thrill of the first sale of my inspirational jewelry line feeling love and compassion for people who I used to think of with resentment and hatred.  I will soon be attending a Yoga teacher training in Costa Rica and have shifted direction professionally from school teacher to an inspirational brand creator and yoga teacher and…who knows what else my future holds! The drive to heal and help people is strong in my heart and I am excited to have been exposed to so many different ways to express my calling.

I know that times are tight, but before you consider buying that new pair of shoes or going for a massage, I would recommend scheduling a session with Dieter.  He may open your mind up to places that you never knew existed and I guarantee that your new knowledge will add more lasting happiness to your life than anything you can find in the mall.  Oh, and start preparing yourself to answer the question, "Wow! What have you been doing??"  Thanks, Dieter! -Carmen

Being True To Myself

"I’ve had a great career thus far and have embraced many opportunities presented to me. I needed some guidance to reflect about my career’s direction, yet your coaching has helped me with what I have missed the most in my life, to re-connect with my true self,  to respect and care about myself; spending time doing what I like and need as a person, as a woman.
We can definitely choose how we approach our lives, our work and relationship, and the outcomes will be according to our choices. I’ve had the chance to experience several times in these last few months how powerful it is to be positive and creative.

Your life’s story, your kindness, your coaching skills made me feel as if I was talking to myself and encouraged me to take action and start making changes. You showed the ability to truly connect, to understand my feelings and reactions to them; trade roles and make me experience what other results I would get by thinking and behaving differently. I will remind myself everyday that everyone is uniquely valuable and by following my beliefs, values and passions, I can enjoy and appreciate my life more fully." Thank you. - Silvana


"My personal coaching sessions was just the path I needed to propel me to the next level. Through our one-one sessions I was able to come to better understand my beliefs and values. I learned to achieve congruence between my beliefs and business. This enabled me to run my business based on my beliefs and values, now my clients get "ME" not some sales pitch. What a difference it has made. The best thing is: I have been able to teach these concepts to my associates. We all Win!! Thanks again Dieter." - John L.

"Achieve breakthroughs"

"We don't always see where we are stuck and even if we know what the right things to do are, sometimes we need a little guidance and extra push to actually bring about the changes we want to see. Dieter provided me with the guidance to see things from a clearer perspective that empowered me to bring about the changes I wanted and also gave me the support I needed to stay strong and confident when I relapsed into old habit patterns. Dieter's coaching provided me with a safe and secure environment to look at the things that are not working in my life, helped me identify the places where I was stuck and provided me with the tools and strategies to achieve breakthroughs in those areas." - Yuvrai

A New Career Path

A few years ago therapy helped me find some emotional clarity. At that time, it was exactly what I needed.  However, when I was looking for "clarity" this time around, I realized that a therapist would not be able to provide the guidance I was looking for.  I did not want to dwell on the past and try to examine the choices I had already made; I wanted to make new choices.  Life coaching helped me feel empowered and in control of my life, and I feel like I have left with a new set of tools to use in creating my future.  Coaching has allowed me to take ownership of my life in a way that makes me feel refreshed and excited, and that feels like a huge weight has come off my shoulders. - Casey

Business Strategy Minimize

Realize your dreams

In January 2009 Dieter first became my coach and for the next 3 months we met every week. I was "stuck" and knew where I wanted to be. Yet I had no idea how to get there or how to get "unstuck" in the first place.

In May 2009, I began in earnest to achieve my dream. Today I enjoy the reality that was once a mere dream. Thank you, Dieter, for encouraging me to create the momentum that made it all happen. If you are considering, Dieter's coaching - I can tell you with certainty that its value far exceeds its price. (Sally C.)

"Realistic and compassionate"

"Ever heard the phrase, “If you aren’t the lead dog, the scenery never changes”?  I had.  The trouble was, I didn’t know how to lead, to be in charge of myself in a healthy way so that I could change the “scenery” and affect more happiness in my life.  For years, I’d either acted as the lead dog, but oftentimes running myself into a ditch, quite out of touch with my needs and wants or, I’d let others do the leading for me.  Sure, things on the surface seemed ok, especially to others.  I’d proven myself capable in numerous jobs and I was that “nice” person, but below the surface, I knew better.  I wasn’t happy, despite considerable skills at feigning otherwise.  Life was too often a stage act and after years of putting on a play to please others, I was exhausted and lost to myself, not sure how to turn life around, but knowing all too well that no one was going to do it for me…that no one could in fact do it for me!  Coaching helped me tremendously in changing this.  I found Dieter online and after watching a few of the featured TV spots, I thought, this guy makes a lot of sense….at once realistic and compassionate, an unusual combination.  If I’m honest, I was skeptical at first and even quite nervous but fortunately, bravery ruled the day and I embarked on life coaching.  I will never regret the choice.  Dieter helped me determine why I was repeating the same unhelpful patterns, he gave me tools to change them and, as importantly, I discovered several loves which I’m now working to pursue as career.  I’m finally living a life that’s reflective of the real me, the person I’d been disconnected from for so long.  And while it’s not always easy (rewarding things rarely are), it’s far better than pretending.  For this vital life change, my gratitude to Dieter and coaching can never be sufficiently expressed." - Mary

"Rewarding and enlightening"

Dieter, my time spent with you was very rewarding and enlightening. You showed me how to look on the positive side of life and that the words I use can have an impact on how events will turn out. The 6 sessions where just a beginning and will contact you again to continue my journey with you. I always looked forward to our sessions because I felt so up when I left. Focusing on the positive energies makes so much sense to me. I have a choice when I get up in the morning on how I want the day to progress, you showed me how to do that. You also opened my eyes to the assets I have and that I have everything necessary to be a success in life. Thanks. (Dave)

Follow your passion

"Dieter, I wanted to let you know of the progress I have made since working with you a few months ago.  My sessions with you helped me realize some of my hidden talents and most of all, my passion for writing.  I utilized some of the resources you introduced me to, and I am pleased to inform you that I am already seeing the fruits from my labor. With your help, I started a blog, and with your helpful hints, I was able to attract a good amount of exposure almost immediately.  Just recently, one of my followers offered me their editor position.  Your guidance and suggestions as my life coach put me in this position to follow my passion. Thanks for everything you do." (Jeff D.)

Invest in yourself

"As a business owner I understand that in order to drive positive change in your organization you have to lead by example. You have to be the change you want to see in others. You want to invest in yourself before you can invest in other people. I’ve always been a strong believer in personal development, and understand that managing change starts with managing and understanding yourself. I would recommend Dieter’s coaching program to anyone out there who wants to take his or her business to next level. He provides you the tools and understanding how to manage yourself in times of change." - Ryan M.


"Not only did you knock my socks off at the training at Builder's 1st Choice, but your guest appearance on my radio program on NBC World Radio here in Washington, DC, was top-notch! My e-mail box is full with people commenting on your words of wisdom about how to go about having a life that you love… You were the best guest yet! As a matter of fact, any company who wants to be “THE BEST” should get a splash of Dieter Pauwels' passion... Almost magically, he will tap into your employees utmost potential and they will leave feeling and acting unstoppable! Personally, I have been procrastinating on writing some articles on body language & sales, and since Dieter’s class, a week ago, I have already written four articles. Dieter, there are just some people in this world that have the "it" factor and you are one of them!" - Janine


I recently was invited to attend a Dieter Pauwels seminar.  Dieter's style of coaching is upbeat and enlightening at the same time.  I had several “ah-ha”  moments during this event. Through his words and questions I was able to dig deeper into myself in a way I had not even thought of before.  Gaining that insight has helped me to approach some situations that have I have struggled with in the past.  Anytime we are offered the chance to better learn about ourselves, we are blessed.  Thank you Dieter for being a beacon of the deeper truth that resides in us all. - Julie J. 


"Dieter has helped me greatly in starting my new business. Not only has he helped me define and then refine my focus, he has done this in a way that is always productive and forward thinking. Plus, he cares. I recommend his coaching to anyone that is contemplating a change.

Dieter is a true professional coach who challenges you to become better through accountability and strategic planning. He is genuine in his goal to make you a better person professionally and personally.

The skills I have acquired in both my personal and professional life have been absolutely invaluable. Dieter began coaching me through my last year of college, and continued to well into my professional career. He helped me find what it is that I am most passionate about in life, and the insight and skills to pursue it." - Ryan H


"Since I began working with Dieter in August of 2006 my business has increased more than 40%. I feel more energized and more inspired than ever before. It is clear to me that this is just the beginning. Together we were able to crystalize my true values. We then developed a plan that has given me the ability to stop selling and leverage who I am as a person to attract the type of business I want. Thanks to Dieter's help I am creating a business that is unlike any other financial professional and a life that is of my own making." (Gregory C.)

"Working with Dieter has been an amazing experience!….So much has changed. … I have changed! It has changed my outlook on life, in amazing ways. It made me more positive and more proactive, and action oriented. I have become more aware of how connected all my thoughts, feelings and actions are all intricately related.
I realize that I am directly responsible for how I feel now….and my outlook influences how I chose to run the “ecology” of my life. It is very freeing to realize that. 
I am more confident, happier, pro-active, and clear about what I really want. I know so much more about myself and how I can build brighter, bolder, clearer days and valuable ways to be true to myself." - Michelle O.

"I strongly recommend Dieter's services for any professional looking for help with their career or other areas. I am an attorney practicing in St. Louis and I have been through years of frustration in my career. I appreciated Dieter's approach to these issues, which seems more practical than other types of services such as psychologists. He helped me identify and gain confidence in professional skills I have not fully utilized. While my process of career growth is incomplete, Dieter has given me great optimism about reaching my goals." - Steve W.


"I would like to recommend Dieter Pauwels as a personal life coach. His approach is one that gets to the very heart of the answers you are looking for, and is quite different than any than I have seen before. I needed different impartial insights to some changes I was considering and Dieter was able to help me become aware of, and develop strategies I had not thought of before.

I highly recommend Dieter Pauwels as a coach to anyone who would like to become more resourceful in becoming aware of alternatives not yet thought of, and how to gain more insight in challenges."- Tessa G

Start your own business

"For the past 7 years I've been hopping from one job to the next - every 1 1/2 years, not satisfied. I've been with Fortune 500 companies with fantastic benefits. I always felt like I was trying to make myself fit into these roles. I tried brainstorming over & over trying to find my passion, "What would make me happy?" I finally got to the end of my list still not knowing what change would fit me best.

I found Dieter Pauwels on the internet & took a leap a faith. I signed up for the full session that I could not afford, but I had to make a drastic change in my life to be happy. It was the best (and that's an understatement) choice I have ever made. He got to the core of me & my desires. He coached my anxiety, fear and excitement - he read every part of me.

I started my own company that I am passionate about. I've been in business for two months, have already hired an employee & definitely growing! If it wasn't for Dieter I would of stayed in the same cycle for years to come. Thank you, Dieter!" - Linda H.


Dieter, thanks for the coaching you gave me during a very rough part of my life.  It was truly a blessing to have worked with you at that specific time. You helped me believe that I could once again believe in myself and could make something positive happen in my life. You made a difference in my life. In other words, you earned your fee and more. Thanks again. (Bill C.)


"This form of coaching has given me the mindset and tools to continue on my path to success. It has allowed me to let go of ineffective thought processes that no longer supported me on my personal & professional journey. I am now living a more balanced life and my real estate business is actually thriving in this stagnant economy. I recommend Dieter's training to anyone who is ready to learn useful concepts and strategies that will help elevate you to your next level of personal and professional success." - Tina Marie J.

Discover your talents

"I would recommend Dieter Pauwels as a life coach to anyone seeking a way to better themselves professionally, emotionally, and spiritually. Personal life coaching not only helped me to discover and appreciate the unique gifts, talents and abilities I have been blessed with,but also how to use these gifts to reach my life and career goals.

Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the wonderful awakening Dieter helped me to achieve. Personal coaching was truly a life changing experience for me and one I will benefit from for an entire lifetime". - Sean G.


"Although I have a successful professional career, I have been living someone else's dream. I have now chosen to live my own life. I have made clear changes which have allowed me to live my owm dream and to incorporate it into my professional aspirations.

I have great respect for Dieter for what he does, and what he represents. He does not force his convictions upon you; rather he guides you and helps you make your own important decisions.

I have been able to better focus on the balance between my professional and personal life." - Rich S.


"Infinite success is possible for all of us, whether with our careers or with our personal and business relationships. Dieter's life coaching directed me to my infinite success possibilites. He displayed genuine enthusiasm in my achievements while still holding me accountable for making it happen. Thank you, Dieter, for reminding me of the ultimate time-management adage, "A yes to one thing is always a no to another." We are never too old, savvy or busy to incorporate powerful coaching into our hectic lives. Platnum-selling musicians have singing coaches, Grammy-nominated movie stars have acting coaches, world-class atheletes have training coaches. I highly recommend Dieter Pauwels. His coaching is an investment into your most valuable business tool: yourself." - Marla R.


"When I started working with Dieter not only did I learn how to take my business to the next level but I embarked on a personal journey that would change my life forever. I am a National Sales manager for a Home warranty company, Host of a TV show and I am a full time single mother of three. I was struggling; my business was consuming me I felt stressed and a serious lake of enthusiasm. I was unsure about the direction I wanted my career and life to go. Dieter helped me achieve balance and clarity in my personal life as well as my career. If you are considering hiring a personal or business coach I would strongly recommend Dieter Pauwels." -Sararda L.


"I had never heard of a Life Coach before meeting Dieter and knew no one who had a personal coach. As Dieter walked down my path of self-discovery alongside me, it became obvious to me that everyone should have a  personal life coach. He helped me to re-discover myself by exploring different areas of my life, both personally and professionally.

As I became aware of what was really important to me, what I truly valued, I was able to stretch my mind, to think outside my little box, so to speak, and stop limiting myself. He renewed my confidence in my abilities and worth. Not only did I find out what life coaching was all about, I also feel like I have made a great friend as a result of this marvelous experience!" - Caeli B.


"Dieter is a great coach - hands down. He helped me to see how my work situations and personal situations are interconnected and play off each other. These are ideas not learned in books or in school. Through our conversations and Dieter's coaching, I came to see how I cope with issues affecting many aspect of my life instead of addressing and resolving the issues head on.

I now am more confident and can move further along in my business and personal relationships. Thanks Dieter - it was well worth it!" - Scott D.

“I am at a challenging point in my life—perhaps it is my midlife crisis.  I feel as if I’m spinning my wheels and creating more of what I don’t want in my personal and professional life…   I decided to try life coaching.
The process has been absolutely life changing.  People notice a positive difference in my mood, my determination, and energy. Now I am working on what I want rather than staying on the self-perpetuating cycle of more of the same. Dieter has shown me how to redirect my compass and change my focus (all for the better). I am convinced that all high achievers need a coach at some point in their lives to refine, focus, and provide accountability for success. I’m a believer.” - Laura W.

"Before I met Dieter, I had never heard of a life coach. The coaching sessions were amazing, sometimes very humerous and sometimes very hard-hitting with a lot of light-bulb moments. It opened my eyes to a lot of things around me, regarding my professional life, my relationships with my family, friends and people in general. The experience has left me a lot more confident in myself. I now know that I am in control of my own life, most importantly, I now look at possible failures as feed-back instead. I will be forever grateful for everything I learned from Dieter. He made me feel very relaxed, and he helped me to face my obstacles and demons head-on. Thank you for 6 months of coaching, which will carry me through for the rest of my life." Kari P.


Thank you Dieter for the informative and inspirational presentation at the Focal Point.  Your presentation was awesome and left me speechless.  The topic of the presentation "Turning Uncertainty Into Opportunity", came right on time. I embraced it, took responsibility to educate myself and rememberered what matters most in life.  The setting at the Focal Point was tranquility, the crowd was nice and you are an amazing speaker. You have a gift that is untouchable.  I have been using the principal of change as tool in my life. Thank you. (Tasha)


" I just loved my time with Dieter. He opened my eyes on how to communicate more effectively with people. It has changed my sales career as well as my life. Thank you, Dieter." - Kristen B.


"I had the pleasure of working with Dieter for a three month coaching package. Through this experience I have grown in both my professional career and personal life. Dieter helped my discover that some personal beliefs I had impacted both my career and personal life. He helped me break through those barriers and change the beliefs that I initially had. What I enjoyed so much about my time with Dieter is that it was about results. I was able to learn new sales techniques along the way which has tremendously helped me in my career in sales. I highly reccomend working with Dieter if you would like to improve your sales or improve yourself. Thank you so much Dieter!" - Trent B.


"You opened my eyes to some dreams, desires and passions that burned deep in my heart at one time and for whatever reason, have been put on a shelf for several years. Those dreams have been rekindled. Thank you. You are an incredible person and have much wisdom in life. Anyone who is able to call you a friend is very fortunate." - Dawn


Dieter Pauwels

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