Powerful Communication Coaching Program

communication skills coaching program

You Cannot Not Communicate!

The ability to effectively and confidently communicate with others is an essential skill that will greatly determine your level of success in both your personal life and your career. People who communicate effectively know how to interact with others flexibly, skillfully, and responsibly, but without sacrificing their own needs and integrity.

Mastering the skills to communicate more effectively will allow you to create a better understanding of other people, positively influence others, build trust, and learn more about yourself and how people perceive you.


This personal coaching program is for you if you want to:

  • Better understand the effective use of language as a skill of personal excellence
  • Identify and respond effectively to the the unconscious, non verbal physical signs sent to you by others (body language)
  • Use language patterns that positvely influence and inspire others
  • Create a positive self-image and greater acceptance by others
  • Develop the self-confidence to communicate more effectively
  • Improve your personal and business relationships

Program Duration

8 hours ( 2 one hour coaching sessions per month)

Coaching Fees

  • Individual Coaching Fee is $255 per month
  • Group Coaching is available for this program (max 6 people) at a rate of $195 per person/per month
  • When you elect to prepay for the entire coaching program you'll receive a 10% discount


All coaching conversations are confidential. All information given during individual or group coaching sessions will be held in confidence and will not be discussed or written about outside the sessions.

Coaching Refund Policy 

Your personal satisfaction is important to us. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the coaching program, a refund will be provided on the following conditions.

  • a 100% refund will be issued if you wish to cancel the coaching program before the start of the first session, minus any applicable online merchant payment processing fees.
  • a 75% refund will be issued if you wish to cancel the coaching program after the first coaching session, minus any applicable online merchant payment processing fees.
  • No refunds will be issued after the second coaching session.
Your Coach

creative life coaching

Dieter Pauwels

  • Founder Dieter Pauwels International
  • Professional Life Success Coach
  • Next Level Business Strategist
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