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- Dieter Pauwels


Life stress coaching program to reduce stress and anxiety and create a more optimal personal life balance.

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"When I started working with Dieter not only did I learn how to take my business to the next level but I embarked on a personal journey that would change my life forever. I am a National Sales manager, host of a TV show and I am a full time single mother of three. I was struggling; my business was consuming me I felt stressed and a serious lake of enthusiasm. I was unsure about the direction I wanted my career and life to go. Dieter helped me achieve balance and clarity in my personal life as well as my career. If you are considering hiring a personal or business coach I would strongly recommend Dieter Pauwels." (Sarada L.)

Life stress reduction coaching programs are available in person (St Louis, MO) or over the phone in all cities and metropolitan areas including :

New York City

Los Angeles




Houston TX

Phoenix az


Philadelphia PA


San Antonio TX

San Diego CA

Dallas tx

Detroit MI


San Jose ca

Indianapolis IN


Jacksonville FL

St louis mo


New York

San Francisco

Hempstead nj

Columbus OH


Austin TX

Memphis TN


Baltimore Maryland

Charlotte NC

North Carolina

Fort Worth tx

Milwaukee WI


Boston MA

El Paso TX

Washington DC

Nashville TN

Seattle WA


Denver co


Las Vegas NV


Portland OR


Oklahoma City OK


Tucson AZ

Albuquerque NM

New Mexico

Atlanta GA


Long Beach ca


Fresno ca

New Orleans la


Sacramento ca

Cleveland oh

Mesa AZ

Kansas City MO


st louis mo

Virginia Beach VA


Omaha NE


Oakland ca

Miami FL

Tulsa OK

Honolulu HI


Minneapolis MN


Colorado Springs co

Arlington TX

Wichita KS


St. Louis mo

Raleigh NC

North Carolina

South Carolina

Santa Ana ca

Anaheim ca

Cincinnati OH

Tampa FL

Pittsburgh PA

Toledo OH

Aurora CO

Oyster Bay NY

Bakersfield CA

Riverside CA

Stockton CA

Corpus Christi TX

Buffalo NY

Newark NJ

New Jersey

St. Paul MN 




Fayette  KY


Plano TX

St. Petersburg FL

Fort Wayne

Glendale AZ

Lincoln NE

Jersey City NJ

Greensboro NC

Norfolk Virginia

Chandler AZ

Henderson NV 

Birmingham AL

Scottsdale AZ

Madison WI

Baton Rouge LA

North Hempstead nj

Chesapeake VA

Garland TX

Orlando FL


Lubbock TX

Chula Vista CA

Akron oh

Rochester NY

Winston-Salem NC

Durham NC

Reno nv

Schedule your personal coaching introduction today with a qualified personal life coach.

Do you feel stressed?

Do you feel like your life has become an unending series of tasks and obligations?
Do you feel pressured by the increasing demands of your job? Do you have stress at work?
Do you sometimes feel overworked, overscheduled and overstretched?

You think that better time management skills might offer a solution, yet you feel physically exhausted, and you seem not to find enough time to pick up the pieces.
We’re stressed out and it’s killing us. We’re running on empty …

Stress is a word that makes most people cringe. However, stress isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, stress can help motivate you, keep life interesting and allow you to meet deadlines and personal responsibilities. It’s when stress gets out of control that is the real problem.

Stress is a complex thing. Once, when we were being hunted by wild animals, stress allowed us to fight or flee. Now, we don’t necessarily have to worry about a hungry bear making us their next meal, but stress can still help us overcome obstacles. When we’re put under stress, our body releases stress hormones that do a number of things that affect our bodies, and allow us to overcome problems.

So what exactly do stress hormones do to your body?

Stress hormones:

  • Speed up your heart rate
  • Increase blood flow to your brain and muscles by up to 400%
  • Stop your food digestion, in order to conserve energy
  • Make your muscles tense up
  • Speed up your breathing to provide your muscles with more oxygen

We’re flooding our body with stress hormones – such as cortisol and adrenaline - that trigger a cascade of chemical reactions in the brain and body that assault us from within. Over time they prompt symptoms such as impatience, fatigue, sadness, anger, obesity, frustration, defensiveness depression, high blood pressure, fear, irritability, low self esteem, anxiety, hyperactivity, headaches, memory loss, back pain, gastrointestinal disorders, divorce, heart attacks and even death!

As you can see by the list above, stress isn’t something that should be allowed to take over your life. It can cause health problems that can be debilitating, to say the least. At most, it can put your life in jeopardy.

With this in mind, it’s important to learn what causes you stress, and to either eliminate the problem or learn to cope with stress in a calm, more productive manner.

Unless the root problem (whatever is causing you the stress) is dealt with, the symptoms of stress will remain and worsen over time.

Besides the physical and emotional consequences due to stress, stress has a negative impact on your relationships, your productivity at work and your personal life.

Stress affects all of us on some level. It’s impossible to avoid stressful situations for your entire life. Learning to cope and managing stress is a very important part of leading a healthy, well balanced life.

Life coaching will provide you  the tools and perspectives to manage negative stress and develop healthy behaviors and routines to manage stress.

A personal life coach will help you to ...

identify the sources of your stress or stressors in your life
gain a better understanding of how you experience stress
make the necessary changes to relief stress

You will learn ...

  • effective coping strategies to reduce and manage stress in your life
  • how to prioritize your time and establish personal boundaries
  • better and more effective ways to manage stress

Benefits of Stress Coaching

  • Heightened awareness              
  • Clarity of thought
  • Increased energy                       
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Restore focus                               
  • Increased self-Esteem
  • More control                                
  • More motivation
  • Better life balance                      
  • More peace of mind
  • Greater sense of emotional satisfaction and well being    
  • Feeling less pressure

Discover the power of coaching to reduce and manage stress in your life. Schedule your stress free coaching consultation today and start enjoying your life.

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"I would recommend Dieter Pauwels to anyone seeking a way to better themselves professionally, emotionally, and spiritually. Personal coaching not only helped me to discover and appreciate the unique gifts, talents and abilities I have been blessed with, but also how to use these gifts to reach my life goals. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the wonderful awakening Dieter helped me to achieve. Personal coaching was truly a life changing experience for me and one I will benefit from for an entire lifetime. (Sean G.)


Life Stress Coaching for optimal health and balance

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