Simple Shifts That Transform Lives™

You can transform your life. Right now, in this very moment, you have all
that is necessary to experience joy, abundance, and profound gratitude.

You do not need to GET an extraordinary life; consider the possibility
that you already have one. You simply need to shift.  
                                                                                         - Dr. Laura Cowlen


Dr. Laura Cowlen

Dr Laura Cowlen Life Coach


A shift is an absolute leaving behind of an old perception or attitude because it serves you no more. A simple shift transforms your life. And when you practice shifting, and developing your ability to choose to shift, it gets easier with time. Your shifts become a natural part of who you are. You are still the same person, yet somehow very different. You feel joy. You feel abundance. You feel at peace. Your life is purposeful. Your life is extraordinary. You did everything and yet you did nothing. You simply shifted and all was complete.


Powerful Living Workshop Comments

“These are great strategies that can actually be put to use

“This seminar was amazing - I learned that I have the power to change my life. I learned that I can give to others; that I can forgive, and that obstacles are there to help me grow.”

“Your personal stories and sense of humor are awesome!”

“I came to the workshop feeling overwhelmed with what I have to do in my life, but now I am grateful for the reminder of my life.”

“I learned that I have the power to make myself happy if I believe that and do something about it…it was powerfully life-changing!”

“I am currently in the middle of an obstacle, but now I am choosing to look at it as an opportunity to shine.”

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience especially opening up about your personal experiences. Your energy is beautiful and empowering.”

“This was the best workshop I’ve ever been to!! It’s probably the most useful information I’ve gotten for both work and my personal life before. Thank you!”


"Creating Simple Shifts That Transform Lives"

I might be the right coach for you if one of the following resonates:

  • You know what you want, but there is vast space between where you are and where you want to be; sometimes you feel immobilized by the enormity of it all. 
  • You want to get rid of old habits that continuously give you results you don’t want.  You are frustrated that positive changes are short lived.  You are ready to declare the past complete and take responsibility for creating the life that you want and the life that you intend.
  • You are aware that something is missing in your life. Perhaps it is a gnawing feeling or a sense that something isn’t right.  You want passion, joy, or a sense of purpose.
  • You are single and want to have a long term relationship and family but have anxiety and even fear that it might not happen; or you are struggling with feeling happy and fulfilled in a current relationship and not sure what action to take.
  • You can relate to living life on automatic pilot—going through the motions, and staying comfortable but not really.  You want to be self-led.
  • You are experiencing a crisis, or a “down on our knees” moment.  You need to ask for help but it isn’t easy to do.  You want something good to come out of something tragic or painful.
  • You’ve have been putting what you want on a “back burner” and don’t know how to choose for yourself anymore.  You want to value and care about yourself again. 

You have a choice.

This is what I know - regardless of what you are experiencing, whether it is a “down on your knees moment”, frustration over old habits, or a sense that something is missing in your life; you don’t have to stay there!  You can transform your life.  You can turn every difficulty and challenge into something good that actually contributes to your life moving forward. 

You are a masterful creator of your life, and the most difficult experiences can contribute to your greatness, if you so choose!  Choice is the operative word here!  You make choices every day, big and small, seemingly innocuous and pivotal, but all move your life forward or keep you stuck.  There is little in between.  And the truth is, when it comes to actually transforming obstacles or making dreams a reality, few people actually do it on their own.  Most people, who ultimately achieve success, get clear about what they want, create a plan, and then seek out as much support as possible.

I have been helping and supporting people transform challenges and achieve important goals for almost twenty years.  My background includes a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology, an American Psychological Association Approved program, where I specialized in family and couple psychotherapy, and an Adler Trained Coach Certification from the Adler School of Professional Coaching, an International Coach Federation Approved program.   

I am the creator of the “Powerful Living Series TM” and “Simple Shifts that Transform Lives TM”.  My strengths of compassion, intuitiveness, and creativity, coupled with many different skill sets, enable me to meet you wherever you are at on your path, walk with you as an equal partner, and even laugh at times along the way! 

relationship coachAs a coach, I specialize in singles/relationship coaching, personal empowerment, and crisis coaching.  There is nothing that I teach or coach on that I do not practice in my own life each and every day.  Coaching is truly my passion and purpose; and I consider it an honor and a privilege to work with each client. 

As a speaker, workshop, and group facilitator, I have helped hundreds of people live from the best that is within them.  I teach “easy to employ” strategies or “shifts” that help people move from deficit to abundance, from “playing small” to “playing big”, from what they “don’t want” to what they “do want”, from blame to responsibility, from fear to faith, and from thought to action.     

As a wife, mother, and business woman, I understand the day to day struggle of getting things done, multi-tasking, feeling exhausted, and/or putting other people first.  I help people get clear about priorities, return to values, and find the all important balance that often eludes many. 

Coaching Testimonials

"Sometimes life throws things at us from out of the blue . . . and for me it was my husband of almost 14 years suddenly leaving me and our 3 children. After spending 10 of those years raising our children and supporting his executive career, I was in total shock, disbelief, and was completely devastated. A mutual acquaintance connected me with Dr. Cowlen within days of getting the news, and for me it could not have been a more enlightening, and honestly life saving meeting. She has enabled me to see the light through the darkness by her honest, insightful, and poignant questions which have consistently helped me to see a positive vision for my future. Her ability to listen and then perfectly ask those things of me that allow true personal reflection, even at a time where I saw only heartbreak and frustration, has truly been a gift and invaluable resource for my emotional growth. Going from complete, and utter loss of a life I was living to creating a vision for myself and my children in 5 months time has not been easy by any means; but with Dr. Cowlen’s support, I have been able to take this life altering experience and use it as a catalyst for positive change in my life and my future." - Michelle


Laura’s guidance allowed me to develop critical life skills that involved looking at challenges in a new light. Instead of being a victim of life’s curve balls she taught me to see those obstacles as opportunities -opportunities that helped me to grow courage and strength.  I learned to recognize my strengths and believe in myself -total sum of who I am, faults included, fear included. She taught me to celebrate myself, embrace myself and continue to grow through everything that life has to offer. - Gayla Coats


Laura has a wonderful way of blending her insightful questions and intense focus with her kind and gentle spirit.  It is a joy to work with her through various personal and professional issues.  During our conversations, I have learned personal truths about myself, while other times, we discuss the “crisis of the day."  Regardless of the issue at hand, I always find her wise, patient and supportive of my journey.  - Lauren Herring, CRP, GMS President, IMPACT Group


Coaching with Laura was a phenomenal experience. For me, it was a gift from God. Laura helped me to get clear about what I want to change and then shift my thinking in a new and positive direction. It was confidence building. My values including my relationships with family have been strengthened. I have also had the highest number of sales ever! I am so grateful for the experience. I now begin my day with anticipation and positive thoughts. Life is meant to be joyful!  - Lynn.P., Sales Director and Trainer

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