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"I would recommend Dieter Pauwels as a personal life coach to anyone seeking a way to better themselves professionally, emotionally, and spiritually. Personal life coaching not only helped me to discover and appreciate the unique gifts, talents and abilities I have been blessed with,but also how to use these gifts to reach my life and career goals. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the wonderful awakening Dieter helped me to achieve. Coaching was truly a life changing experience for me and one I will benefit from for an entire lifetime". (Sean G.)


Personal / Executive and Business Coaching Programs

Whether you’re contemplating a career change, more balance or better time management skills, life coaching or life business coaching programs are all designed to increase your individual effectiveness, productivity and overall emotional well being.

People work with a professional coach because they want to create positive change in their lives and improve themselves. They want to create clarity about what specifically they want in their lives. They are open to new possibilities and are looking for better and easier ways to achieve their goals.
Coaching provides guidance, through a process of powerful questions, deep listening, action and accountability.

Coaching focuses on identifying your innate capabilities and talents and turning them into core strengths. Personal life coaching is about the here and the now, not past failures or missed opportunities and is action oriented toward future desired results.
Our coaching programs offer a framework of learning, proven success tools and feedback that will give you the edge to achieve your goals.
Coaching versus Therapy

Psychotherapy and coaching both focus on the individual. While therapy focuses on uncovering and recovering from the past (remedial change), you coach focuses on discovering your innate positive potential, based on your own talents, values, beliefs and strenghts, while creating a compelling future (generative change).

The coaching process is outcome oriented, whereas therapy and counseling are more oriented toward resolving problems and past conflicts.

You cannot change the past. It is a trail that is left behind. What you can and want to change, however, is the meaning, or the way you think about the events in your life.

Our individual coaching programs offer powerful tools and strategies to update and re-evaluate the meaning of (past) events in your life and experiences in the present.

When you change the meaning, by changing the way you think and feel about yourself, others, and the events in your life, you can adopt new and empowering beliefs, skills and strategies to create and ‘real-ize’ (to make real) the results you want now.

Ultimately, development coaching is about increasing your own personal power, by increasing the number choices and options you have to accomplish your goals in life.

Coaching  helps you focus on new possibilities rather than problems. It gives you the tools and strategies and processes to accomplish your goals.


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Personal Coaching programs and training courses to help you navigate change or life transitions, create compelling goals and achieve the resulst you seek in your personal life and professional career.

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