Personal Coaching Introduction

If you want to explore coaching as an option, you can schedule a personal coaching introduction session online.

The purpose of this coaching session is for you to have an opportunity to

  • Understand my coaching style and approach 
  • Directly experience how coaching can benefit you
  • Ask questions regarding the coaching process, fees, scheduling, etc.
  • Determine whether coaching is for you, and for us to see whether we are a good match

To get the most out of your coaching session with me, spend a few minutes thinking about something you'd like to be coached around. Perhaps a current challenge, a goal you'd like to achieve, or maybe an issue you'd like to resolve.

After your introduction coaching experience is complete, there is no obligation to continue.

Your introduction coaching session will last 30 minutes.

STANDARD Coaching Introduction Session                    PRIORITY Coaching Introduction Session 

Your coaching session will be scheduled
within 5-7 business days
                Your coaching session will be scheduled 
within 1-3 business days



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