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Dieter Pauwels joins Deepak Chopra, Mark Victor Hansen & Les Brown in the new release of

”Success is a State of Mind" -

Building a Foundation for Your Future!

About the book:

Success does not have easily defined boundaries. It’s as varied as those who attempt to define it. Find out what some of the most successful people believe about success in this remarkable book, Success is a State of Mind.
You will learn elements that are critical to your success journey such as good communication, how to conquer fear, how to break out of “business as usual,” and how to become unstoppable.
You will discover how to uncover your true gifts, which involves changing your limiting beliefs and creating new empowering ones that will enable you to honor your values and live the life you truly want.
You will be entertained as you learn new ways to look at the concept of success. Success is a State of Mind will expand your knowledge and open up new channels of information from others who are well established in their success journeys.
Remember, a success mindset in action translates possibilities into success. Take advantage of this book and the valuable information these authors have to share. They are not just students of life, business, and of success—they are active participants. And so are you!


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